part 11

I am SO SO SO terribly sorry, I got really busy o kl youm agoul I am going to post bs things just come up .... here is a post for you I hope you like it.

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"aby a6l3 mn ehnee mny mirta7a b3dain abek ymy" I ran the back of my hand along his face.

"5ala9 7beebty bs nit'3da 3shan oboy yg3ad m3ach b3dain n6l3 okay?" I felt his face warm up from my touch.

"okay bs mat-hidny 9a7?"

"ana aqdar"

This was said in front of his family, his step mother, his step sisters, his aunts, cousins, everyone of course I boosted up the dal3 factor, stuck to him like glue kept touching his arms, playing with my hair, gazing into his eyes. I wanted to show them all that he worshiped me, that if he had to chose he would chose me over them.

They had to know how to treat me.

I lost my parents respect, but I sure as hell wont lose their's they arent worth it.

Neither is he.

Part 11

The wait was unbearable, he kept playing with my hair, my hand, running his hand up and down my back it was as if he was awaiting the green light. His father showed up about an hour later, he looked like a well respected man, hardly smiled nor talked he just sat there observing everyone.

We all got up for lunch, I was still attached to Waleed.

"waleedan t3al int o murtik abeekum tg3doun ymy"

"inshalah yuba" He led me to the dining room and straight to the head of the table.

"7beeby ana wain ag3ad?" his witch of a wife asked.

"ym banatich" He didnt even look at her.

"ha Jana yuba shlonich inshalah mirta7a m3a waleedan?"

I just smiled.

"waleed yuba ily tby Jana t36eha sami3? hatha il '3alya"

"mino ehya a9lan" his wife grunted. His father stood up slamming his hand down on the table "intay takleen tibin wela kilma ti6l3 minich wla walla a6algich winta o banatich bl shar3 sam3a"

Without even thinking I tightly held Waleed's hand.

"its okay baba ehya tistahal" he whispered into my ears sending goosebumps down my spine.

"emshaw banat" his wife stood up taking her daughters with her, they all gave me the death look before leaving I knew my new life was going to be hell.

We managed to have a quiet lunch besides the mini outbreak, we sat down for some tea and sweets then at 6 we headed back home.

he called out


"im going for a swim in the pool tyen?"

"mm ill come and read my book" I gave him a smile. He changed into his trunks and made his way down to the basement. I changed and headed to the kitchen made us some ice tea, sandwiches and crackers.

"kl hatha 7gy?" he startled me, I thought he would already be in the water but he was waiting for me.


"ee, I was hoping you would change you mind itha shftene"
He took a step back to flaunt his sculpted body.

"confident arent we?"

"la mo confidence bs years of gym o trainers akeed I have to show it off, o b3dain al7en intay murty fa bs intay you enjoy this body" He took a step closer, but I took one back.

"ok ok we will take it slow how does that sound?"

I smiled and made my way to one of the chairs, placed the tray down and opened my book while he jumped into the pool to swim his rounds.

Apart from the morning drama, it was a pleasant day.

Thankfully he was a man of his words, he went to bed without trying anything funny even though I woke up at 3 am to find him hugging me, but I didnt mind it.

I actually liked it.